The start of struggling millennial

I started a blog months ago, I probably started one years ago, but every blog I’ve ever started has had one focus – money! Making money, earning money, monetising rubbish writing – I have always written rubbish about nothing.

I genuinely believe if I started blogging about what I had for dinner, or a good book I read once, then I’d start making money and wouldn’t have to work…

Fast forward and I’m sat at my laptop panicking about my future and what pops into my head? Money!

How am I going to make money? How am I going to save for a mortgage? How am I going to afford my boyfriends birthday? Will I ever afford a nice car? Or a nice holiday?

So I started googling… “money”, “how to make money”, “how to get more money”, “money hacks”. I’ve been doing this for hours, I have literally learnt nothing. But what I have learnt is I am actually rather fortunate. I have recently secured my first full-time job with a decent wage, I study part-time at university, I live in rented accommodation with my boyfriend and we go on holiday around twice a year…

When I write it down like that I realise how ridiculous my previous panic sounds. I found forums where people were asking for advice on how to feed four children with £10, I read about people who had bailiffs knocking at their door, I read about people who were in genuine crisis and I immediately thought… shame on me.

So what is this blog going to centre around?


Ironic, I know. But this time I’m writing for people, I’m writing for me, I’m writing for pleasure. This blog is for all of those people who can’t relate to the 60 year old money experts, who talk about ISA’s and mortgage’s. This is for the people who have no idea what they’re doing, but are apparently at an age where they need to start doing it!

I thought I’d document my money journey; I’m currently a student, I’m in A LOT of student debt, I have a credit card which I have never paid off in full (sorry Martin Lewis), I don’t have any savings and I love to SPEND money. But I’m 22 now, I have my first real job and I want to save for my first real house, and eventually a nice car, and a nice holiday or two…

I’m going to talk about my daily struggles, my tips and tricks and try to impart some new found wisdom into the internet for anyone who fancies a laugh or finds themselves in a similar situation!

So, thank you for reading. Hopefully you’ll stick around. And if you have any knowledge, please share, I’m a proper newbie to this money malarkey!

Mollie xoxo

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