Spending Hacks

My first two posts were about saving, I started to feel guilty because this didn’t accurately represent the four amazon parcels and 3 Asos parcels that sat at the foot of my bed.

So here’s a juicy little spending hack coming your way…

Sign up to Voucher Codes. Download Voucher Codes. Love Voucher Codes.

If you’re a student they do this thing called “FomoFriday” every Friday at 11am. Basically you click the link at 11am and you spend a certain amount in one shop to receive a free voucher in another shop.

Let me give some examples, “Spend £5 in paperchase and receive a £10 amazon voucher” … this is GENUINELY a deal they do!

More often than not it’s an amazon voucher you receive, which is great for me because, WHAT DOESNT AMAZON SELL??

Some weeks the offers are better than others. They only do a certain amount of vouchers so make sure you’re ready to click at 11am. And obviously if you don’t want anything from the shop you have to buy from then ask yourself if the deal is even worth it? Remember there is always next week!

Let me know if you sign up and get any good deals!

Happy Shopping!

Mollie xoxo

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