My budget for the last nine months

The last nine months have been tough. I started my masters degree in September. In the UK a Legal Masters combined with an LPC (dw that’s not important), costs £10,000ish. The student loan company will lend you £10,000 and no more. So whilst studying full time you have to work out exactly how you’re going to afford to live… GREAT FUN THANKS STUDENT FINANCE.

I am slightly unique in the sense that I live with my boyfriend who works full time. So when I explained the situation he immediately said he would pay our house bills (thanks Will luv u). That just left my car, my phone, and my shitty credit card debt.

I have always worked part-time through uni and this combined with my student loan has left me feeling pretty comfy. Not any more. My part-time job at TESCO pays £350 per month… my bills amounted to £300 and that’s with nothing extra on top.

Ok let’s get frank.

My car insurance is £45 per month.

Taxing my car is £20 per year.

Fuel to drive an hour to uni twice a week is roughly £150 per month.

My credit card minimum payment is £50 per month.

My phone bill is £40 per month.

My dogs pet insurance is £15 per month.

Add that up yourself, but you get to roughly £300 per month.

Then if we factor in the cost of uni books, food and general living (gifts for family, makeup, clothes, activities), I’m basically left over with -£1000… JUST KIDDING.

My point is, if anyone is thinking about studying without financial back up, it’s hard. Work out your sums, try and imagine what it’d be like. I’ll be honest with you, I couldn’t handle it, which is why I study part-time now and work full-time. I NEEDED money, I NEEDED to progress in life. But also, I NEEDED A BREAK. Hardly any of my uni friends worked at the same time, they were fortunate enough to have financial back up from partners or family members and didn’t need to work at all.

So if you’re thinking about it. Then really truly think about it. That’s my advice to you.

Sorry for a depressing post! I promise tomorrow will be more upbeat.

Mollie xoxo

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