Living big on a small budget

Haha, the title of this post is ridiculous. “Living big” – I can assure you I do not live “big”, but I live well, I treat myself and I manage on a small budget. Here’s my top tips of how…

1. Sign up to Martin Lewis’ newsletter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This man is a genius. If there is a bargain to be had he will know about it!

2. Spend wisely. If you know you have £10 extra one week to spend on yourself, don’t buy yourself 3 meal deals. You won’t feel like you’ve treated yourself at all, but you’ve spent TEN POUNDS! Buy yourself some new jewellery, or go for a cocktail or two, make something a real treat!

3. Budget. Work out how much you have left over, if you have £5 one week maybe save that for the next week and add two weeks worth together. Let’s be real, you can’t live “big” with £5, but £10 … woah!

4. Get your friends in on it. If you say to your friends how about we meet at my place tonight, you’ve already saved yourself loads and you’ll have equally as good a time!

5. Cook from scratch. Ditch the date night in a fancy restaurant and treat your other half to a home cooked dinner. I guarantee it will taste better anyway!

6. Save where you can. Do you NEED a new foundation, just because it’s on offer? Do you NEED the River Island bag staring at you through the shop window?

7. Unsubscribe. If you’re getting daily emails about the latest pretty little thing deals and you can’t ignore them, then unsubscribe. You’ll save money and be able to buy something you REALLY WANT with the extra cash!

8. Unfollow. I know the feeling of scrolling through Instagram and seeing #ad everywhere. But you probably don’t need the £200 face scrub, if I’m honest!

9. Stay busy. You have no idea how good it feels to go for a walk on a sunny day with a picnic. Skip the expensive beer garden, you’ll thank yourself later!

10. Reviews are your best friend. I guarantee you’re spending too much money on everyday things. Your £16 shampoo probably has a £4 dupe. Look at reviews, from REAL people.

Ok I’m all done. I hope some of this helped! If anyone else has any good tips I’m all ears, I’m definitely not perfect!

Mollie xoxo

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