Reviewing “method” all purpose cleaner

Omg. My first review!

I moved out of my family home when I was 18 to live with my boyfriend in a little flat. I was the messiest child in the world, I genuinely used to fight with my dad so much about the state of my bedroom; one time he put all of my clothes in bin bags and chucked them out the window… #mature

Anyway, I moved into my first home and thought I’m gonna be a full blow domestic goddess… Hahahaha no.

I hated cleaning. I hated everything about it. I obviously used to do it, but the absolute least I could get away with!

Then one day I thought, come on Mollie, pull yourself together! I was probably about 20 at the time and I went through a full on cleaning phase. It didn’t last. Everything was difficult, nothing looked sparkly clean and I just didn’t enjoy it.

But then… MRS HINCH came along! And oh my days, what a woman! She introduced me to so many products and cloths and techniques… I’ve been cleaning ever since!

Now I’ve moved away from watching Mrs Hinch’s every move and started trying my own products.

Obviously the brand “method” is very attractive on the shelf, but the hefty price tag put me off. Then I thought ok, if I’m gonna start blogging I need to start trying things to talk about…

Here we go, my first thing I’m gonna talk about.

Honestly, it’s lovely, it smells amazing, it does the job and it’s very very pretty, but that’s where it stops. I bought it on offer for £2, but my usual all purpose cleaner for £1 does the same job. It doesn’t look as glam on the side and it doesn’t smell as nice, but really they do the same thing.

So with my money savvy hat on I have to say don’t bother. The £1 one is just as good and you can always chuck a bit of zoflora about to get the smell!

Happy Cleaning!

Mollie xoxo

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