Working whilst at uni

Hi there, I’m back again!

If you haven’t read any of my previous posts, welcome, my name is Mollie. I’m currently struggling through millennial life and thought I’d impart any knowledge I have picked up on the way.

I have been an uni for four years. Three years as an undergrad and one year as a postgrad. I haven’t done uni in the traditional way in the sense that I stayed in my home town with my boyfriend (who works full time) and I commutes to uni when I had lectures.

I have met many different people at uni and some of them will definitely be friends for life, but if there’s one thing I have learnt… having a job is essential.

Omg. How many times have you heard that from an older person? From your parents? Or older siblings? I swear to god I’m not being a dick, and I’m not going to say “you need to support yourself” or “you need to understand the value of money” – although both of those points are valid.

The best thing I got out of having a job at uni was an escape. I spend 4 hours every morning in a Tesco Express talking to the usual commuters and OAPs and obviously my colleagues, and not one of them asks if I’ve revised for an upcoming exam, or if I submitted that assignment on time.

Those four hours in TESCO are often the best four hours of my day. I don’t think about uni work, I don’t think about uni politics, I just switch off with no guilt because I know I can’t do anything uni whilst I’m in there. It’s great.

So there we go, get yourself a job at TESCO if you ever want to relax… don’t go to a spa, or go for a walk in the countryside. Go to Tesco!

I’m just kidding, obviously, take proper time for yourself. But those hours in Tesco really helped me through exam seasons. And obvs the money each money was a cheeky little bonus!

But thanks Tesco. Thanks for letting me switch off.

Mollie xoxo

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