Side hustle

Let’s talk about side hustles!

I think there is a lot of pressure on millennials to do MORE. It’s not enough to work full-time, we should have side hustles… we should have ways in which we make MORE money! Do I think this is a good idea? Yeah absolutely! Do I think it’s essential? No!

So many people are struggling to fit in enough as it is. Let’s talk about my partner, he works full-time, does a million different sports and has a great time doing it. If he then had to start side hustling in his spare time I think he’d break!

Side hustles are amazing for people who WANT to do it, but I think the pressure needs to come away from making more money and we need to focus on what a side hustle actually is… a hobby!

People should enjoy their side hustles and if it makes money – amazing, but I don’t think there should be pressure on that.

I consider this page to be a side hustle. I absolutely love writing down my thoughts, I don’t really mind if people like to read it, but I think taking half an hour out of my day to talk about something I care about is like therapy for me.

So there we go, yes I have a side hustle. I make absolutely no money from it, I don’t plan on making money out of it (I plan on saving money with it), but I absolutely bloody love it!

Does anyone else have a side hustle they genuinely love?

Mollie xoxo

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