Things my mum has taught me

Let’s be realistic here, my mum has taught me everything I know, but I’m going to focus this blog about money (as I usually try to).

My mum is amazing. She works harder than anyone I’ve ever met and she has created an incredible like for herself. *disclaimer, my parents are together, but this is strictly mum focused*

Things my mum has taught me:

1. Positivity goes a long way. It’s so easy to find the negatives of situations, but look for one positive and you’ll already feel better.

2. Look for a bargain. More often than not something will end up being cheaper if you shop around.

3. USE VOUCHERS. Of course there is a reason retailers bombard your inbox with offers and deals (they want you to shop!), but sometimes, you’ll find a little gem hidden within the shit! Also, there is absolutely no shame in eating out with a freebie voucher (thanks Tesco points), you’re money savvy – own it!

4. Do you NEED it? Mum has always taught me there is a BIG difference between needing something and wanting it. Like, can you wait until your contract is up before you buy the latest iPhone? (Honestly, not every time, but I am trying!)

5. Have a goal. If your goal is to buy a house in 5 years, you’re going to need to save. There’s no better incentive to save than a clear focused goal.

Five things my mum has taught me. There’s definitely a million more I could have listed, like don’t get a dominos, and walk to the shop blah blah blah! But those are the ones I try to follow and maybe I’ll do another “what my mum has taught me” soon.

Mollie xoxo

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