Finding a job

I’ve been applying for jobs for about six months.

I’ve had five interviews.

One of which I got, it wasn’t the path my life was headed and I left after my induction day. (The company had a policy, I didn’t just go BYEEEE!)

One of which I got to a second interview and the employer told me I pretty much had the job and then they never called me back. I emailed them and they said they went for someone with experience … thanks for letting me know!

And three of which I absolutely and categorically did not want.

I suppose that’s the problem with being a graduate. If your degree hasn’t literally led you to a specific career, who really has a clue what they want to be?

So here I am applying for jobs, after each interview I’ve managed to rule things out, and I think I’ve narrowed it down, but getting an interview is a struggle.

I am in a very unique situation in that I have a part-time job to support myself and my boyfriend is wonderfully supportive telling me to wait for the right job, so I technically have little pressure.

However, I feel like my life is on hold. I am so desperate to get into the world of work and start living. I want to tick things off my list… I want to travel some more, and buy nice things, I want to save for a house and buy a new car. Without a job, these things are hard.

So here’s the plan…

1. Continue working part-time picking up as many hours as I can

2. Continue blogging in my spare time to complain about all the money I don’t have

3. Continue applying for jobs, someone will want me, surely?

4. Organise the house with all your free time.

5. Get creative and make money another way, you never know, it might bloody work!

Mollie xoxo

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