Everyday I’m hustling

I’m starting a side-hustle…

I’ve always wanted to go into business, I find the idea of running a business synonymous with running your own life. But before I get carried away here I want to explain my very small idea in my very small town and clarify this is a very small thing.

I love baking. I have always baked, I knew the ingredients for a cake from the age of 3 and could make one by 5 (I’m exaggerating, but I do love it). So I thought, why not start making cupcakes?

People do it on Instagram and their cakes look beautiful and they’re clearly making money from it, so why not me?

My idea is slightly different, I kind of want to make individual cupcakes and box them individually. I want to be able to write little messages on them, like “will you be my bridesmaid?” or “Thanks for looking after the dog” – as well as all the usual happy birthdays and everything. But I just thought sometimes a card isn’t enough. I want to make them inexpensive and accessible – hopefully people buy them and I might make a little bit of money, who knows?!

So, here’s the plan for the coming weeks …

1. Set up an Instagram

2. Bake cakes and take pictures

3. Order boxes and decor

4. Register as a good business

5. Get some sort of insurance

Mollie xoxo

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